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Simple Matching of Shirts

Jul. 01, 2021

As a Light Cotton Fabric Manufacturer, I would like to share with you.

Simple and elegant denim shirt, loose and comfortable version, super easy to wear, casual and comfortable, with loose harem trousers, showing a casual street feel, super fan. Stepping on a pair of Birkenstocks, you can easily get the early autumn workplace collocation.

Cotton Fabric for Shirting

Cotton Fabric for Shirting

The white shirt with a small crooked collar design with unique temperament, crooked fashion and interesting, simple and easy to match, with woolen coffee color casual pants, very western style and fashion matching in autumn.

Vertical striped shirt, unique lace design, very small and fresh. Paired with straight loose-fitting casual trousers, it gives a very cool feeling and looks thin. Paired with flat-bottomed sandals and slippers, you can wear it like this in early autumn and it will also absorb the sunshine.

The shirt is a slightly loose, casual version, and the upper body is very thin. You can tuck the hem of the shirt into the pants and wear it, which is more frank and stylish. With high-waist straight-leg pants, it is very stylish.

Simple and atmospheric sleeveless asymmetrical shirt, irregular hem, cross-folding and layered wrapping pieces on the front, very layered, with vertical stripes of carrot pants, fashionable and simple and elegant, wearing flat shoes, elegant and moving.

Black and white vertical stripes chiffon shirt, fashionable and classic, comfortable and versatile single product, a black and white suit with a small top hat, playful and delicate. Put on white high-heeled sandals and instantly transform into an elegant woman.

black and white collocation is never out of date, and it is also the most prominent outfit. A white shirt with black cropped trousers, single shoes, holding a handbag, and wearing this way to work in early autumn, elegant and intellectual.

Light-colored long-sleeved shirt with white cropped trousers, refreshing and moving colors, looks very flavorful, with high heels, holding a leopard-print handbag, exudes an elegant atmosphere, very feminine.

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